Thai fashion brand that stand out from the world Part2


If anyone has seen the design of iCONiC clothing, you must definitely catch the eye with beautiful patterns and colors. Because Mr. Louis – Akkarawut Phanthumvanich, the brand’s designer It was inspire by the memories of a beautiful girl. Every item is bright and pleasant to wear until the girl’s heart. And became another popular brand in a short time, the

definition of iCONiC is to enable ordinary women to become icons of themselves. Without having to change yourself By each piece of clothing Was design to be vintage But still integrates into a modern style, not to look too old-fashioned Therefore can be applied to every day and every occasion

Complemented by beautiful and unique graphics In a way that anyone can see and have to look at and want to own In addition, there are various trends. Including fabrics that are popular come and apply In order to meet customers’ needs as well.


Another clothing brand that has long established a reputation in the Thai fashion industry. First established in 1999, led by Mr. Roj-Phupawit Kritaphonnara, inspired by design from lifestyle, travel and life combined with Thai arts and culture. Before bringing various stories on the fabric to create a cool graphic At the fact that many people are fascinate.

Every piece of Issue has been attentive to every detail. The focus is on refinement in both embroidery and handicrafts. There is also a selection of high quality fabrics to sew. The fabric is comfortable to wear. Suitable for the weather in our house. Issue There are many clothing items to choose from. Both women and men. They can be easily worn on any occasion, as well as a variety of accessories and accessories. They are as chic as any clothing item.

Kloset brand

It is a brand that captures the hearts of women. Truly Can be observed from the phenomenon of waiting in line for shopping everywhere Kloset’s special event was establish in 2001 with Cheek-Malika Ruangkrittaya’s care that focuses on the design for young customers,

where most of the clothes are in sweet tones. Ready to add various patterns To look more distinctive and unique Also focusing on customers of all ages Can be worn for any occasion. In addition to the hottest clothing items, Kloset also splits its business line into Kloset & Etctera that sells accessories, stationery, shoes and many other items in order to meet the needs of customers completely.

Leisure Projects brand

This time, I would like to please some young men with a modern luxury casual wear clothing brand focusing on casual clothes. With the introduction of men’s clothing patterns Twisted into a new feeling Until the game became more fun and attractive to wear.

Leisure Projects was found by Khun Nat – Natthaphon Kanokwaliwong who also merged the position of designer. The idea of ​​design from the journey to Khun Nat, whether it is to go to the sea or the mountains Has been brought as inspiration until it is a simple and comfortable clothing color, complete with a pattern that is suitable for the atmosphere on holidays or days that want to be free

There are also other techniques. Down on the clothes The method that Khun Nat is good at is the type of embroidery and weaving Rather than adding graphics Hence, some Leisure Projects items are pack with subtle and unique details for men. Can enhance the look together in a cool way.


Another clothing brand that has long dominated the hearts of Thai women. Under the supervision of Khun Milin Yuwacharatkul, a talented designer With the main idea of ​​designing each collection that Clothes are like the soulmate of the wearer, like the love at first sight of the customer. That when he saw a particular piece of clothing It must be right for us.

Milin has 3 keywords: Elegant Sensual Rebellious (elegant, sexy, different), which is the 3 words that are mix into every collection. Milin’s signature items feature a camisole and miniskirt. And embellished with elegant details and graphic lines But in addition, there are also other style clothing items for women to choose from and put together in every occasion.

In addition, Milin has also designed dresses for leading brands such as Thai Smile Airlines and MK restaurants, as well as designing dresses for the 2018 Miss Universe Thailand contest that received many admirers.Meet