Acer shows ConceptD laptop with a 3D display

In the world of design. The fact that designers can see their work in 3D will make work easier and more convenient, which Acer, the famous notebook manufacturer, has present a new generation of ConceptD laptop with a 3D display.

Acer’s ConceptD laptop are design for workstations, including drawing, engineering, science and math. Often there are 3D models that are always create, which, if users can view their own work around. Before creating a real model, it would have been quite good.

So Acer introduced a technology call SpatialLabs, a combination of three tools: an eye-detection camera, a 3D display screen, and a software that displays images from different angles, all of which enable users to view 3D images. Through the screen of the notebook immediately Without the need for special glasses (As the 3D cinema gave us to enter) itself.

SpatialLabs technology supports a wide range of 3D design applications including Blender, AutoDesk, Maya and Unreal Engine. Users can also switch between 3D and 2D views, which Acer claims. The way you watch it won’t cause a headache like the 3D screens you might have tried before.

Of course, this great technology, Acer is not for use alone. In the future, there will be a program for laptop manufacturers to join a program to use SpatialLabs, which means that a 3D laptop will soon become a new option to choose from.