What kind of “brand-name investment”

There are many different types of investors according to good investment principles. We should invest in what we like. Because it has the advantage of having the best knowledge about it A lifestyle investor who likes brand-name products as a soul. And may be aiming for Whether to invest in brand-name products or not Let’s see together … What kind of brand-name products. That is considered an item worth investing in And have the opportunity to make a profit.

Brand-name products that will qualify as finalists can be considered an investment. It should at least look like this.

  1. It is a product that has value that can increase over time, there is a support market, there is always a demand for trading. The most popular and widely traded are bags, wrist watches, cameras, etc.
  2. It is a self-valued product from a constituent material, such as made of gold, diamonds and other precious stones.
  3. Not easily damaged Easy to maintain Because if not so The value must definitely decrease. 
  4. It is a product that does not hold a promotion. Always sold with full price In order to reduce the opportunity of loss from the declining price of the brand

The characteristics of products that have higher value opportunities and profitability will have additional characteristics as follows:

  1. It is a “classic” version. # Of it must have That lovers of brand-name must have in their possession
  2. It is a “collection” product that a lover can buy and collect.
  3. This is a limited edition product (Limited Edition), no longer in production. Because it will make people agree to pay a higher price To get possession 

The key questions we should be able to answer before investing in brand-name products are:

  • Separate before that we will buy “to use” or “to invest” because if bought for use. We will choose the one that suits you. But if bought for investment, you have to choose according to the conditions mentioned at the beginning of this article.
  • How well do we know about popular models and what kind of products are in demand? Find shoppers and collectors.
  • How well do we know about the brand policy? That will make the product of that brand Becomes something that is worth investing in (eg there will be no discount Or produce more later)
  • How much liquidity of money to invest in brand-name products? Because some products did not increase in a short time. Or does not have liquidity in the market that people want to buy all the time. How long will we be able to leave our investments in product form?
  • Where will our buying and selling come from and from? We have expertise There is a reliable seller How easily is there a market for releasing stuff? Must study to understand and be sure