“Perfection destroys the team’s potential”

What is perfection?

Perfection destroys. Most of the bosses are perfect. Doing things must be neat and clean, be neat, everything must be precise, disciplined, on time, with high responsibility. Anything that has been done repeatedly like that has a pattern that rarely changes. Often find fault with others Anyone who does not like anything. Often times irritability Often upset Hurl at someone else Have a clear standpoint of their own And there was a reason to explain why he had to do that If you look at the surface. It seems to be a nice feature. And he believe that it was the right thing to lead to success.

How does it create problems?

Perfect people stick to the same mindset. With pictures of old achievements Have high confidence Often self-centered Be great Rarely open-minded Because he thinks that his thoughts are always correct and difficult to adapt Lack of shape But want people around to adjust accordingly.

If there is a large position May order down to get the results that they want Emphasize success in a concrete empirical way Must be able to meet the goals and the format must be good as well. But often at the expense of the tears of those around him Because of such conditions. When it happens often Subordinates will feel that No matter what he did, he was never right and always blamed. He will feel that the cousin does not listen.

Does not understand, feels directe. He will feel block from the thought, feel pressure, uncomfortable, starting each day. He will tremble all over. Because I do not know what things will be hit today at that time. Into the hearts of his subordinates to become a negative node for a long time, he will not appreciate himself Because his identity was destroyed He will feel that he is not accepted by the boss. I felt that I did something wrong.

When the self is not appreciate Leading to a lack of confidence Lack of stability. Within the shaken Become weak Not assertive. Don’t dare to decide Inability to bring myself Therefore, the work team cannot fully develop and drive This was followed by deep resistance, indifference, indifference to work from day to day, becoming trouble at work, unhappy, lack of progress. And thought that if he had a way in any day He will ask to try a new place.

And most importantly, when he was a subordinate, which was not accept. He does not accept the above either when the boss is not accepted. Leadership was not born. The result is a lack of faith when there is a lack of faith. Lack of trust Lack of confidence in each other Work is lacking in participation. Play as a team The work team lacked the energy to join. Do not go in line Unity, lack of unity is difficult to sustain. And what’s worse is take a bad feeling Then came down to the house Impairs the state of mind, feelings and intentionally destroys the identity of their loved ones Creating a chain of problems.

What is the reason?

We find that perfect people who act that way. Because they want to show those around them that they are good So why do you have to tell the world what you are good at? That is because he wants those around him to accept. So why do you need recognition? Because he wants people around him to see that he is worth. Why do you want people around you to see value? That is because they do not value themselves. And this is the root of the real problem.

Where does the root of this problem come from?

It is from a long life experience that has been accumulate to a negative self. That it is Negative self-image or concept that they have about themselves (Negative Self-image). The perfect person is A person who is looking for value for himself By expressing neatly Everything must be precise. In addition to meeting goals The format must also be good in order to want the people around you to accept it. Sometimes I want to show my superiority. That is because their inner self does not accept themselves. No self-esteem That means That perfect expression In order to make up for what is deplete within oneself It was not yet full inside. It is still lacking, so he has to seek outside acceptance to fill it up. By expressing perfection.

What’s the solution?

It can be see that by nature the self needs value and meaning. Perfect people want to find value for themselves. Therefore, it must be express in order to require the approval of third parties. As already mentioned It will never succeed. It can never end. Because the more demanding Within themselves will be even more absent. Because the root of the problem is not outside of itself But it’s inside of us. The exit must then head back inward. To create only self-acceptance, that is, we must be self-esteem.

Who is this identity?

It is a remembering picture of the past. This is also call the Mindset, but this is a negative framework that does not appreciate itself. Moreover It is the guilt of self and has been accumulating for a long time perfection.

Therefore, to the exit, we have to reclaim that self in the past one more time. And then understand themselves Listen to your self-call understandably, forgive, understand and accept what happened in the past. Grateful learning of the past. And this is the ultimate self-esteem. Because at that moment The past and present self will merge into one. Created acceptance, understanding and appreciation of each other. When they see themselves as valuable within, they gradually begin to fill up when they are full. Without having to seek value from anywhere The behavior of perfection fade away, and the self gradually recovered to a normal state. 

Come back to be someone who has confidence Strong Have immunity, confidence, self-reliance Can bring oneself And when you see yourself worthy A feeling of goodness gradually spreads, and begins to appreciate the people around. And at that moment It will also be accept, that is, it is recognized as a leader. And when he was in a higher position Resulting in a coherence of both leadership positions and leadership Lead to a good relationship Connected with the work team in unity, can lead the organization to a balanced, strong, stable and sustainable organization perfection.