“Organize 5 rooms in the house to look neat “

House arrangement is another one that should be done after the beginning of the year. Because it means many changes More internally. It also makes it easier for us to find things as well. But the good address Will get up and organize the house without knowing what techniques in each room May cause us to get confused Today we have a little technique for arranging a room to leave each other.

Living room

Let’s start with the first room like the living room. Can be called the face of the house Because the name of the room already tells me that it is a room for receiving guests In this room, it is recommended that your belongings be organized into the cabinet. Try to hide the unused items in the drawers behind the cabinets. 

In the section of the sofa, just place the cushions just enough. And on the reception table, maybe find a box for keeping various remotes for tidiness. In addition, various wires Should be wrapped and stored properly It will help to make the room more tidy. And try to open the face to let the light come in In order to feel more serene and relaxed In addition, if you want to make a good impression on people in the house The fragrant sticks should be placed. To add freshness This time, our living room is ready for friends. To come and sit together

The kitchen

Next, another room that seems difficult to organize is the kitchen. Because where will oil stains, kitchen equipment, very many ingredients Some people who love to buy kitchen utensils may not know where to store them. For a simple technique Is that we organize everything to be the same Such as seasoning, sugar, salt and pepper, we bought a box That is the same 

Then pour the seasoning into the box What is the name of the paste? Then arranged to a floor Just like this, it will look neat in the same direction. As for the kitchen equipment, they are placed in the drawers. Which if it is an open drawer Would not be in a mess Should buy a piece of wood or plastic sheet Made a barrier to divide into a neat channel For the opening time, it will be easier to find things as well


The bedroom is another room that is very important for ourselves. Although no one has entered this room But let me tell you that if we make the room tidy It will be very good for ourselves. And the technique for this room is Having as little supplies as possible Try not to put everything too stuffed into the room. In fact, there should be only a bed in the room. Bedside lamp The seats are enough. 

And maybe add a scented stick to add freshness to the room would be the best. But if really need to put things for use I recommend that you buy a box according to your liking and put all of them on top of the box. Close the lid completely to reduce dust in the bedroom another way.


Another one of the most difficult rooms. It is inevitable that the bathroom, the more young women like us that have a variety of things to maintain One of the things that will help to keep our bathroom as tidy as possible. Is the shelf Each floor should be separated into what is. From the head down The top floor will be all about me. 

Later it was a matter of self And may also have a shelf for storing paraphernalia And when finished using, should wash off all stains attached And store into the same floor as before For anyone with skincare in the bathroom Should choose a floor that is completely closed. To prevent water spray splashing into our skin care Another thing that I would recommend if any woman drives her hair in the bathroom. When finished use, the cable should be neatly stored and placed outside. Don’t put it in the bathroom To save yourself another way.

Dressing room / wardrobe

For the last room in house that is indispensable. The dressing room or the closet itself. Have you ever been together? Open the closet and the clothes you want to wear are gone. I can’t find anything. Searching the entire cabinet until it was all messed up, I still couldn’t find it. This kind of problem will go away if we separate the clothing category. By hanging ironed shirts on hangers, a simple technique that will make your wardrobe more beautiful is: 

Separation of clothing styles By categorizing the long-sleeved and long-sleeved to run out And then chasing clothes So it is easier to find more clothes And one more thing that would like to recommend is Should separate the type of shirt, pants, dress separately because if we hang the shirt Combined with the dress, of course, the length of the shirt will not be the same. Causing the unattractive The advantage of this separation is that the shirt side is placed on top. And put the pants underneath Separate the dress on the other side. As for any clothes that are folded and not wrinkled, they must be folded into the closet. But should separate pajamas and underwear by purchasing a small box for wearing underwear. So as not to be scattered And easier to find.