“La MUGUET” from House of Guerlain

La MUGUET, Guerlain Muguet, a symbol of the transition to spring brimming with life and hope, to the blooming time of the Lily of the Valley, a flower of love and goodwill. The 2021 special design was create by French designer Lucie Touré.

Guerlain invites you to La MUGUET, the spring fragrance from the House of Guerlain that conveys warmth, hope and vitality through the French Lilly of The Valley, or MUGUET. Flowers that bloom at the arrival of spring. It is a lucky sign and represents love and goodwill. That French men have long been giving to their loved ones.

In addition to Muguet, it represents the warm scent of spring. It is also an annual meeting between the House of Guerlain and the best of French creative artists. Each year, Guerlain invites well-known artists to share. Their artistic vision through the creation of intricate artworks to decorate the editions of the perfume bottles. This special For works in 2021 or 2021 Millésime (Deusmil Vincent Millesime) Guerlain is honor to work with French designer Lucie Touré. The paper and textiles connoisseur, winner of the 2019 Eiffel Tower Design Prize, shares her perspective on this joyful season’s revisit.

Although Muguet is a floral fragrance, Nonetheless. There is a subtle scent that gives the atmosphere the bliss of walking into the forest. Which is the birthplace of flowering plants that grow from the ground under the shade of large trees during spring Pearl-optic white petals decorate with dazzling island dew sparkling. Gives a cool and refreshing feeling when reaching for the fingertips to snuggle on the petals. 

That was a truly happy time. And to sharpen these aspects of the nature of Lilly of The Valley. Thierry Wasser -Guerlain Perfumer complements the scent’s structural elements with rose and jasmine. Which have been specially select considering the juiciness aspect and the purity of the perfume. With luxury Brilliant in the use of such noble materials. Guerlain’s Muguet is a perfume that truly captures the unique complexity of this tiny lucky flower. Leaves traces of sweet scent like the breeze during spring. And is still extremely rare Because it will bloom in a very short period of time, only once a year.

This special limited edition of 2021 will be produced with only 4,500 pieces. In addition to the 125 ml perfume bottle, there is also a 30 ml portable spray bottle inspired by the design. Bee Bottle so you can have your perfume with you wherever you go.