How is the real properties of “Cordyceps”?

Cordyceps or herbs that are called Viagra of the Himalayas It is a high-priced Chinese herb with a strange appearance. It is one of the best Chinese herbs It has been claimed various properties, but whether Cordyceps are valuable to nourish the health as claimed, is it true? We try to get to know Cordyceps. Or set up a tank for rent once again that What are the properties of Cordyceps? 

How is the real properties of Cordyceps?

          Cordyceps are considered an herb that is rich in beneficial substances. Whether polysaccharides (Polysaccharide) Nucleotide (Nucleotide) Cordycepic acid (Cordycepic Acid), a substance that is unique in Cordyceps It also contains amino acids. And ergo sterol (Ergosterol) that has antifungal activity.

1. Helps to adjust the work of the heart

In matters of the heart it is considered an herb that has properties to help normalize the heart rate. It also helps alleviate heart deficiency symptoms. And can add oxygen to the heart Suitable for maintenance of patients with arrhythmia.

2. Adjust the function of the immune system

On the matter of building immunity Cordyceps are doing quite well. Because it is the immune system. 

It helps the body to generate more immune cells. Stimulate the production of antibodies in the body To increase the number of cells used to get rid of foreign or dead cells But must be used in moderation Because the excessive use of substances in cordyceps may suppress certain functions of the immune system. 

3. Reduce blood fat

Another feature that is equally interesting would be blood lipid level control. Lowering cholesterol And triglycerides Which causes other diseases such as cardiovascular disease In addition, it also increases the amount of good cholesterol. This will directly affect the risk of hardened arteries.

4. Nourish the kidneys

According to the textbook of traditional chinese medicine Cordyceps have properties to nourish the kidneys. And from the results of the statistical studies it was found that it can help maintain kidney function.   

5. Nourish blood

In addition to nourishing the kidneys Including the heart Substances in Cordyceps also help strengthen the blood system. Causing the body to make more bone marrow This causes red blood cells and white blood cells to be created in sufficient quantities for the body.

6. Nourish the body, enhance sexual performance

Since Cordyceps have properties to nourish the kidneys Thus helping to nourish the growth of the body Nourishment Strengthen the body to function normally. This will result in a lack of sexual performance. Does not deteriorate either.

In addition, research has found that Cordyceps can help increase the amount of sperm in the sperm. The study of 22 men found that when using it as a supplement The amount of sperm in sperm increased by 33%, with a 29% reduction in the amount of abnormal sperm.

 And increase the chance of sperm fertilization by 300%, but you need to be careful in using it a little. Which should consult a doctor or specialist before using it to treat sexual dysfunction It may cause side effects to it.

7. Reduce blood sugar

The study found that Cordyceps have a lowering effect on blood sugar. By helping the insulin function And from an experiment for diabetic patients eating 3 grams of cordyceps per day, it was found that it help control blood sugar levels by up to 95%, which is 54% more than using modern drugs that control.   

8. Helps lung function. Get better

There is research to confirm that Cordyceps have properties to nourish the lungs. Helps improve lung function And in traditional Chinese medicine texts, also used it to cure chronic cough, dissolve phlegm, cure cough, asthma, cough from tuberculosis Including coughing up blood as well.

9. Relieve pain and fatigue.

Especially back pain, waist pain, arthritis from gout. Or rheumatoid arthritis Which is the properties of Cordyceps in traditional Chinese medicine texts Showing that Cordyceps are used to nourish the body Relieve pain for a long time. 10. Good for urinary system and prostate.

Help improve the symptoms of frequent urination to improve Maintain yin-yang balance. Which is good for the urinary system and prostate

 In addition, the textbook of traditional Chinese medicine also states that Cordyceps help calm the mind, sleep well, slow down aging, relieve vertigo, nourish the body, help red blood cells hold oxygen well. Stimulate the work of the brain, nourish memory, treat asthma symptoms And can resist coagulation of blood clots However Properties Cordyceps in many ways is still only a preliminary study. Not enough to officially confirm the properties of Cordyceps More research is needed, so before eating Cordyceps Should consult a doctor first.