“Auspicious shirt colors” “fortune” year 2021

“Auspicious shirt color” of the year 2021 has arrived. Any girl who is waiting to be saved? Shirt color table auspicious in the mobile phone Or waiting to print the table to the closet or in front of the we after interviewing  “Ajarn Ethipyanet” or “Rada Phacharawichitmethee”, a color specialist for prosperity, came to know that “T-shirt color table” has to be changed every year. Will come to attach or use the same one Not the last year. The story becomes interesting. But how will it be Come and listen to it. 

“Auspicious shirt color” must change every year!

Many people may misunderstand that “Auspicious shirt color” can be worn the same every year. As we found out “T-shirt color table” in the general Internet But in fact Teacher Ae said … It was a very wrong idea. And it’s not like that at all because the “auspicious shirt color” has to change according to the stars in the sky. Which the stars in the sky It changes and acts differently from year to year. Each year the stars in the sky Will influence human beings And cause changes in every story, whether events and important stories of the world. Or even of the change of human office like us At the same time, the stars can also give you and us blame. As can be seen that Some years life is wonderful Some years make life difficult. This is the influence of the stars!

Now, if we talk about How is the color of auspicious clothes related to the stars? Each star is marked with a “color”, so each day Life is good or bad, “color” is very important. Which these stories are not ignorant But a record of the influence of the stars from the past However, if anyone does not believe It’s not like each other because “shirt color chart” is a story of adding auspicious luck, but if anyone really wants to prove You can try to wear a shirt that is a color that is lost or disastrous. Ajarn Ae ends the fun.

“Shirt color table” for auspicious enhancement

For the “shirt color table” or “auspicious shirt color” of Ajarn Ae Will focus on wearing different colored clothes each day, not on what day we were born Must wear a shirt according to the color of our birthday But focus on choosing “shirt color” according to the needs of each day, such as wearing to satisfy one’s desire Put to enhance love Put to complement the work Or eliminate obstacles, etc. by allowing the girls to adhere to the needs of the schedule

Special shirt color “Wednesday night”

However “Auspicious shirt colors” are exceptions. Because many people look at the schedule and may be puzzled as to why there is a “Wednesday night”? Here, Teacher Ae explained that Wednesday night is considered a special day according to the textbooks of girls born on Wednesday after 6 pm onwards. Is someone who was born on Wednesday night So on Wednesday of the week People born on Wednesday night You can stick to the shirt color chart according to the Wednesday night channel. As for people born on the other day That is not Wednesday night To wear the color of the shirt according to Wednesday, noon Now … I’m not confused.

“Auspicious shirt color” enhances the auspiciousness in each side

“T-shirt color table” will focus on the auspicious shirt colors, including “Satisfying Wants”, that is, doing anything is successful. It has been accomplished in every matter. The “calling property” is a shirt color that is especially suitable for finance. Or to collect customer money Easy to buy and sell like this. Or wear a shirt color “Supplement work” is focused on work Meeting with boss Presentation or presentation of various projects, etc. The girls themselves have to be careful. If someone wears the color of the shirt according to the “loss” or “disaster” schedule, then it may be out of luck. There may be an accident, quarrel, conflict, or even a non-trivial matter. 

Well … look at the table. “Auspicious shirt color” or “Shirt color table” Year 2021 is it now? Girls, hurry up. Teacher Er also tells the technique of choosing auspicious colors. If any girl wants to add auspicious in many aspects, it can be Choose to match colors. Two tone, three tone can be done as well. Or can be supplemented with a scarf, hair tie, or belt, it can all be done without any damage.