9 Ways to “organize a desk, Work from Home”, looks good

How to set up a desk, work from home, how to do it without back pain With tips to organize your desk to make it look good and tidy

Now more and more companies let their employees work at home or work from home , but when the desks and chairs that work at home and office are different. Therefore causing some people to start to cause pain in the body Today, ufabet would like to collect some ways to set up a desk without causing back pain. With a few tips on how to organize a desk that is suitable for work, looks good, tidy and ready to go to work every day 

1. Adjust the screen to eye level

Causes of neck or back pain Part of it comes from improper computer screen placement. The center of the screen should be adjusted at eye level or at an angle of about 20 degrees and placed at a distance of 40-75 cm from the body. 

2. Adjust the chair to fit

Adjust the height of the chair according to the ergonomics. By adjusting the height from the floor approximately 38-55 centimeters and sitting correctly Sit fully, sit with your back on your knees, perpendicular to 90 degrees, your feet flat on the floor If the chair cannot be adjusted for height or backrest Bring back cushion or pillow to place as an extra But it is best to change your posture and rest every 45 minutes as well, it will help reduce pain and pain.

3. Choose a table that is the right height

The desk should be at a height of 72-75 centimeters, then position the mouse and keyboard level with your elbows and hands. Not too high because it can cause pain. And in a position that uses the hand You don’t have to reach out or reach your arms too much. 

4. Open the window to receive light

Because the light makes the body feel more refreshed than sitting in a dark corner or room, and the sufficient light is also comfortable on the eyes. Work more efficiently Or another way is to add light to your desk. To balance the screen brightness with the atmosphere Which light from an ergonomic bulb It should be a cool white light, such as a chopstick or fluorescent lamp.

5.Adjust the atmosphere with scents

In addition to the light that makes the body feel energized, the scent of candles or aroma diffusers. Will help build the mood and adjust the atmosphere in the house to be more pleasant to work as well It is also something that helps to relieve fatigue and stress from work. 

6. Stick notes to avoid forgetting 

Start by writing your daily to-dos in a small sticky note or post-it, sticking it on the edge of the computer screen or on the wall at a visual level. This time there will be a small event and a big event will not fail. Including various items arranged in boxes or baskets Should be labeled in the front of what to put inside. Is easy to find and convenient to pick up No need to dismantle until the table is messy and you have to keep it later. 

7. Decorate with small potted plants

Because the colors of these plants and flowers will add a little color to your desk. In addition, some trees also emit a nice scent. Help absorb toxins It is also good in terms of feng shui, such as dwarf dragon, silver fern, spotted betel, and cactus. Spiky plants are easy to care for.

8. Attach shelves to add storage

For rooms with little space, no place for new cabinets. Find a small built-in shelf and mount it on the wall above your desk. It will help to add space to place documents, equipment or essentials such as tablets, books, binders or other small decorations that will help make it more pleasant to work.

9. Leave space to write the assignment

In addition, Lisa Zaslow (Lisa Zaslow), a professional New York manager. Also gave further advice that After putting things in place You should also leave a small space about A4 paper on the side of the mouse. For jotting down work or writing various documents 

During the COVID 19 epidemic like this If anyone has to work at home But don’t know how to set up a desk Can also take a look at the trick that we took and use it Help change the room to wake up to work. With a desk that looks neat and tidy, it can also help reduce pain and fatigue.