8 wrong behaviors, extravagant

Extravagant, During this bad economy Of course, saving money or collecting money is quite a matter of staying. Many of you may have experienced the incident of opening a bank account and suddenly discovering that your salary has dropped dramatically, even though you are confident that you have spent the most economically. But at times, you may not realize that your spending habits are lavish.

Wouldn’t it be better if we took a serious look at our paying behavior? to let us know how we spend However, we will calculate the expenses and choose to pay for the things that are most necessary.

One thing that will let us know whether we are paying extravagantly or not is It’s our own spending behavior. Many people may view certain behaviors as a means of saving more money. But actually it’s not always what you think. Today we are going to uncover extravagant spending habits. So you consider whether you are one of those behaviors or not?

1. winch to buy cheap things, extravagant

Many people see shopping cheap as one of the options that can save us money. But the right way is to look at quality rather than looking at price. such as buying Oil-free fryers , cameras , notebooks, or sneakers, which many people may encounter when buying cheap products and then breaking down quickly. Until eventually you have to go back and buy it over and over again. Compared to other types of people who choose to buy quality products. Even though it has a high price But its performance and working time can be used for longer. Finally, when you take a good look at the calculations, shopping is cheap but needs to be purchased multiple times. Turned out to be spending extravagantly by default.

2. Shopping during promotional periods, extravagant

Shopping during promotional periods at department stores seems to be an interesting option. But let’s just say that it motivates you to buy things you don’t need. Because when you walk, you will find products that you will never buy them in the normal price range. But the promotional prices you saw back then were so tempting that you had to pick up your credit card and swipe. Of course, you might view that as something to do. But not at all! It will cause your bank money to disappear without any reason.

3. Easy-access billing account

Thanks to the evolving technology, transfers and withdrawals have become so easy that you can poke your finger on your phone in seconds. Of course, those technologies make it difficult to stop spending. Therefore, if possible, you should keep the money in a non-withdrawable account. Or do whatever it takes to make it the hardest to access that account.

4. Paying behavior at once during payroll

Many Thais still have the behavior of waiting for paychecks and paying large amounts of money in one day. This kind of spending will cause your money to flow out unknowingly. I recommend that if you want to buy something, buy one piece a day. This behavior will cause you to change your paying behavior indirectly. Because you will see the amount of money slowly flowing out of the account until a certain point. You will realize that you should stop spending extravagantly.

5. Set a goal for overspending

Of course, setting goals is a good thing. But if we set goals too much. We won’t be able to do it in the long run. If I had to give an example like if you want Lose weight with IF 16:8 fasting. Of course, starting with a 24-hour fast food dieter may find it difficult to use this method of dieting. So your start might be a 3 hour diet and a 3 hour break, and then slowly extend the time for our body to adjust. Until finally you will reach the standard of weight loss according to the reduction guidelines.

6. Buy whatever you want

Before leaving the house, you’d better write down the items you want to buy. However, we have to think and consider that the things we write down are all important to us. When you reach the mall or supermarket, you head straight to the products that we will buy. And stop thinking immediately when you see a temptation in front of you that aren’t on the list. Because if you buy, that’s the beginning of extravagant spending habits.

7. Don’t waste your time looking for bargains

Stop spending time looking for bargains. Because thinking and analyzing them doesn’t make you save money. It was only a waste of money. Wouldn’t it be better if we took that time to find a way and come up with a way to save as much money as possible in our account?

8. Not organized in thought

Organizing our thoughts is one thing that gives us a step-by-step idea. to know what is important is not important We can prioritize everything. By starting to organize that thought may start with picking. Hand vacuum cleaner or electric broom to remove dust in the room and collect clutter in the room to make more space.