Zoom in luxury fashion, Lee Bo Young

Today we will take the girls. Everyone goes to zoom in on the fashion items. In Korean series And of course, the series that we are going to take to shine today. It can be said that this is a very popular series. During this period, it is said that it is not. That’s Mine! This series is a drama that tells the story about the lives of two daughters-in-law in a wealthy family in Korea, the Hyowon Group. It takes strength, patience and ambition for them. In order to fight against prejudice in society. It can be said that it is a story about the elite in Korean society that is intense and very interesting to follow.

And with this story series telling the story of the elite in the wealthy family Of course, their fashion items, clothes, bags, shoes or accessories must be luxurious and expensive. All brand names are definitely full of each other. Especially the second daughter-in-law’s look that cannot be mention at all. Because she is both beautiful and chic Plus the items use, each piece is bang. Until the fashionista like us can never take our eyes off her look!

In which the person who plays the role of the second wife in the story is not anyone anywhere But it’s a beautiful young heroine ” Lee Bo Young “! In the story, she plays ” Seo Hee Soo “. The top actress in the industry who is married to the second son of the Hyo Won Group’s rich family. It can be said that it is a woman who comes from a real elite in society that we have to secretly take to see her expensive in this matter.