Thai fashion brands that stand out from the world Part1

Thai fashion brands, if you want to name Bangkok Being another fashion city in the world, you can’t be wrong because our home is rich with many world-class clothing brands. Allowing fashionistas to shop for chic clothes and items to show off As though everywhere was a runway. But besides international brands that have already resonate with many people. Our house also has a high quality Thai fashion brand. Became popular with both Thais and foreigners Until building a worldwide reputation

Therefore, do not delay Let’s have a look. That leading fashion brands with excellent craftsmanship from Thai designers What brands will be in the minds of fashionistas? (Sort by English alphabet)


Nobody does not know this minute Leading clothing brand Asava, under the supervision of the head of “Moo-Phonphat Asavaprapa”, has now expand into the Asava Group that start with the main brand like Asava, followed by its sister brand ASV, both of which focus on Go to clothing for women of different ages. Combined with meticulous sewing Along with a beautiful and unique style

The third brand in the brand is Uniform by Asava, a clothing brand that combines fashion with colors. Became a chic employee uniform that doesn’t look boring anymore Some of Asava’s main works include the flight attendant uniform of Bangkok Airways, as well as the form of BTS, department stores. And many more leading hotels Before followed by the latest brand, fresh and hot with the launch of a men’s clothing brand call MOO.

There is also a brand called White Asava, which mainly serves bridal wear, and Sava Dining is set to break into the restaurant scene. And one more thing that can not be mention at all is that Asava is still the main brand that has design dresses for Thai women in the Miss Universe contest in many years as well.


A Thai bag brand with a global reputation Founded by Boy Wannsirimongkon and Jesse Dorsey, BOYY initially enter the international market before New York and Copenhagen. After that, it started business in the hometown of Thailand. Later,

BOYY is now very successful in the world fashion industry. Guaranteed by the New York Times. Arranged as 1 of 7 designers to watch By the material of the bag used by the brand. Will be imported from Italy Every card is made from 100% Calfskin leather, complete with a very detail and exquisite production process.

Meet BOYY at Gaysorn Village, Central Embassy, ​​Central Chidlom and Central Ladprao.


It is a brand that has built a reputation and has won the hearts of women. For more than 14 years under the supervision of Khun Aom-Disaya Sorakaikitikul, a talented designer who graduated in fashion directly from England. Until the creation of a chic clothing brand That is not only famous in our home But still far from all over the world Until there are many foreign celebrities Pick up Disaya’s various items to wear.

Disaya’s clothing will focus on variety. Can be worn on any occasion Whether it is put in everyday life Or clothes that can be worn at the event It is also suitable for women. All ages as well Another highlight is the design that looks beautiful and modern. Combined with the subject of sewing, embroidery and little details that can make girls Fall in love with this brand.


When it comes to Thai clothing brands, we believe that Greyhound must be on the top of the list. That is in the minds of many people and has been with the Thai fashion industry for a long time. Until it has built a reputation around the world Starting with the original brand, Greyhound, that comes with cool and simple clothes. But hidden with modern Not to look too monotonous After that, he continued to build on his success with a younger brand like Playhound that emphasizes more fun design and play

Followed by a breakdown of a brand like Smileyhound that focuses on the new generation. With the signature logo like a smiling dog That follow in every item Followed by a concept store like Everythinghound Which is a combination of fashion and food together There are also chic home decoration items. So that you can shop and go home as well

End with the last line of the Greyhound chain, this time in the form of a full-service restaurant. That seems to be the restaurant’s favorite place for many people to Greyhound Cafe and Anotherhound Cafe delicious force. That is expanding to foreign countries ever