SAINT LAURENT’s 2022 Summer Collection

This SAINT LAURENT Summer 2022 collection takes us back to a pivotal moment that became the foundation and identity of the Yves Saint Laurent design journey and the boutique. that few people will recognize Moments that seem to open doors to new artistic approaches. Break free from the gloom of the haute couture fashion of the time. To a unique design that is different but very tasteful.

 “We were invite to a party at a friend’s house. I couldn’t find Ives and tried to look for him. Before meeting him and a girl I don’t know She wears thick heels. wearing a headdress and many other things that she blends into her outfit And you are Paloma Picasso.” Pierre Berche

After presenting the collection with video films through the beautiful and spectacular natural landscapes over the past several collections. at the time of the COVID-19 outbreak. The SAINT LAURENT 2022 Summer Collection by ANTHONY VACCARELLO is back for a runway show. and a return to Paris again. This show is held in the garden beside the Eiffel Tower. With the glittering lights and towering Eiffel Tower as a backdrop to the runway. Along with the splashing water and the Parisian twilight sky.


The collection is inspire by PALOMA PICASSO, daughter of world-renown artist Pablo Picasso. Who is one of the inspirations. Heart to Yves Saint Laurent (YVES SAINT LAURENT) in creating a high-end collection. Distinctively different from anyone in that era until it became the identity of the legendary wardrobe to this day. 

“It’s been a long time. I want to bring to your attention the meeting between YVES SAINT LAURENT and PALOMA PICASSO, something that people rarely focus on. It has had a huge influence on the creation of YVES SAINT LAURENT, but for me, especially as a designer. It was a very important moment. Because it was during this time that SAINT LAURENT’s fashion creations became what we call style today.” ANTHONY VACCARELLO

Wants to honor the free spirit of Paloma Picasso, her freedom. her instinct Her energy that allows her to live freely. At the same time, it was the release of himself from judgment. The collection is an ode to the liberation and seduction of seduction that has always been with the Maison. It’s a celebration of individuality for women in every way possible. There is effortless creativity in every aspect of her appearance. Projecting elegance with masculine style combined with luxury. It is also hid with insidiousness. That is very attractive and attractive.