“Men ‘s dressing style” Simple but definitely cool!

Men ‘s dressing style There are as many as women, but some young people do not like to dress up a lot. 

Men ‘s dressing style Because mix and match is not like you want to put something into it, just put it on I don’t see if it matches or looks good. Must use a little fashion sense as well So the Shop Spoter team has put together a simple but cool men’s dressing style, with a few tips on how to dress up.

Mix and Match solid color T-shirt with jeans

It is a very basic dress for men, you just have a good design jeans, a good fabric. Pale bleach, like this, can be cool like a sir, while the shirt should be white, gray, top dye, or black. Always easy to put on Plus a pair of jeans of all colors and shades.

Mix and match the color of the clothes, it is important for men to pay attention. When I dress very basic, if the tone is good, the Total Look makes you look handsome. Is it stylish?

Chino pants are comfortable and easy to wear, they can be worn all day, casual, or semi-formal look. A must-have boy’s chino pants color is cream or beige, because it’s easy to mix and match and look super clean!

Mix and Match Long Sleeve T-shirts

Young men may not be used to wearing Long-sleeved T-shirt because the weather in Thailand is very hot. If you want to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt, it’s okay, but guys try to find a shirt that isn’t too thick. Good ventilation fabric, I think it helps it look good. Not too playful.

A long-sleeved T-shirt is another item that will definitely look great. Should choose a shirt that fits the size, not fit. Not too loose

Mix and Match Shirt

A shirt is a classic thing for men dressing style Because they can be worn in both casual and formal styles, finding a shirt with a beautiful shape, fine fabrics such as Oxford or linen can give you a very casual look.

As for the color scheme that looks good for everyone It is inevitable that the light blue, light gray and white these basic colors should be installed in the wardrobe.

Men wear half-buttoned shirts like this and they’re cool! The more this type of denim, the cooler if the boys see this style of shirt. Do not forget to find and try to wear together, guaranteed. Cool! But do not forget that the shirt should fit the size. Not too big, not too fit

Mix and Match shirt + pants + coat

Because they say that the principle of dressing to look good is that there are 3 pieces (both for The style of dressing for men and women) is shirts, pants, and vests, but if a blazer looks more formal, try a shirt. Because a shirt is not just for simple button-up, it can also be a cool, comfortable, and cool coat.

Harem pants give you a casual look but with a cool and stylish look of your own!

Some young people may not dare to wear this style much. But if you try it, you will definitely like it because it is comfortable and looks cool.

Now that the double denim trend is on the rise, find a cool denim jacket to match your favorite jeans!

Match your simple look to look a little bit cooler and more formal with a blazer with a beautiful cut.