“Lucky Colors” For 2021

Lucky colors, fortune has come let’s get into the story. New atmosphere and take advantage with new colors to help promote each side to bang all year round, let’s find out what colors this year 2021.

Red- brings luck in finance, wealth

Red represents the identity of mars “wealth” in the year 2021 this year, who wants to be rich in money Recommend to find a red item near you. But not that when I know this, I will fan the bright red color from head to toe. Caution this year the red is the color of the flame which if you take a lot and walk, it may make you feel hot boiling anxious recommended but fit for example, choose an accessory, a bag, shoes, or a red scarf.

Yellow – brings luck in power, fame

In the year 2021, the color that represents fame, power and popularity is “yellow”, the earth’s regular color, symbolizing stability and strength. In addition, according to Chinese beliefs, it is also the color of an angel. The emperor too Not unlike red, this year the use of yellow has some precautions as well. Overuse can lead to stress and pressure on yourself. In the upcoming season, designers are launching a parade of good sized yellow items. Go and choose to shop and prepare yourself for the new year.

White – brings good luck in family

In various groups of elements White is representative of element gold in 2021, this will bring more resources and support from those around you. Including secondary colors that represent the element gold, silver, gray and gold can also be used as a lucky color in family matters.

Green – a color that brings good luck to creativity

Green is another color that is very much the same as 2021. The character of green represents creativity, intelligence, and is the color of life. Wearing green clothes makes the overall atmosphere lively. Full of positive energy And the enthusiasm for the creativity of new things.

Black and Blue – Two-edged swords to watch out for in 2021

Black and blue both represent the current. Which is believed to represent communication and friendship. The use of blue and black in 2021 may have the advantage of bringing in friendship, friends, network, but at the same time it could bring competition. Contend with gossip and conflict. It is advisable to use items that are blue and black only as one component. 

It seems that the technique of using lucky colors in 2021 is about balancing the use of each color in the right amount of individual characters and personalities. If used carelessly Color that brings luck, it may turn out to be unlucky. Stay tuned for more tips on how to welcome the year 2021 in fashion styles very soon at Vogue.co.th.