How To Make Beauty When U Have Psoriasis

A top doc weighs in on how to extinguish flare-up frustration Psoriasis.

Dry, scaly patches, rough splotches, red and inflamed welts, show up in a variety of ways and range in severity. But there’s at least one thing that most of the eight million Americans with the condition have in common.

How To Make Your Beauty Routine More Manageable When You Have Psoriasis

“Psoriasis is predominantly a skin condition where skin cells rapidly turn over, Although it’s most common on elbows and knees, it can develop anywhere, including on the scalp and, in ufabet severe cases, all over the body. “

Unfortunately, experts aren’t sure what causes the chronic autoimmune inflammatory condition. Nor is there a cure. The good news: “We’ve come a long way in being able to treat psoriasis with targeted medications now that we know more about what’s involved in the immune process that triggers it,” Dr. Hartman says. And, while Rx treatments do the heavy lifting when it comes to managing psoriasis, a good skincare routine certainly helps, he adds. Here, the best tweaks to make to your routine, whether you’re dealing with an active flare-up or trying to avoid one.

If you have a very irritated psoriasis patch, shave around the area, giving a wide berth, until the flare is more under control. Going over it with a razor will just make the lesion worse, Dr. Hartman says. 

Shampoo regularly with a salicylic acid shampoo

If you develop psoriasis patches on your scalp.