Dress for camping Fashion ideas for hiking to be beautiful

 Dress for camping Fashion. At this time, many people have already begun to travel. and would plan to travel in the country to many places One of the most popular trips for both men and women is camping, going into the woods, setting up a tent. Of traveling in the forest must focus on flexibility and comfortable wear. Piggy dot com has an idea. Dress up for a camping trip , I can assure you that besides being very active, this kind of trekking fashion is also very cool to take pictures of.

1. Shorts and comfortable t-shirts

          In fact, choosing non-denim shorts is more flexible. Whether walking or sitting is convenient. Match it with a t-shirt. It can be an oversized t-shirt or a fitted shirt. Or you can match a large, thin shirt to cover over it.

2. Choose loose jeans

          Many people are addicted to wearing jeans. which is suitable Because jeans with thick fabric can help prevent mosquitoes, gnats, mites and various insects, but choose wide-legged pants. will be able to move comfortably, match with a tank top Then find another coat, very cool.

3. Tank top, wide leg pants Control the earth tones

          Speaking of camping The colors that we can think of must be earth tones, such as dark green, khaki, brown, if you want to get a cool, avant-garde look. Choose a tank top and dark pants to match. Don’t forget to wear socks and shoes that are tight. with a fishing hat to help block the sun

4. Biker pants

          The popular cycling shorts are another great item for camping. Because it’s form-fitting and stretchy, it’s comfortable to wear. No matter how you move, it’s free. Match it with a big shirt. I can tell that it looks good. But don’t forget to apply mosquito repellent. Beware of mosquito bites legs

5. A thick jacket or shirt

          Another essential item that girls can’t live without when going camping. Because it can be used for sun protection, dream protection, wind protection. Choose a thick plaid shirt. Or it could be a jeans jacket. cool don’t tell anyone Plus a lot of benefits