DISAYA Collection Out of Safari

DISAYA Collection Out of Safari. The charm of purity of the safari fields South Africa’s national parks a place that is fertile with a wide variety of plants Wild animals are still living freely. Was inspire to create a collection Out of Safari from DISAYA.

The latest work by creative director Om- Disaya Sorakraikitikul, bringing elegance. The awe of the wild animals and the wonders of nature to convey. This is reflected through the brand’s signature prints and embroidery techniques. This collection, Disaya presents a new dimension in prints. Like a zebra pattern that is form by arranging various types of flowers including stripe savanna African jungle in the safari zone african leopard and flamingos

When combined with a design that is seductive, elegant and sweet in the style of a Disaya girl. Appears as a variety of items for girls. You can choose to mix and match freely, such as short-sleeved shirts and matching shorts. Short-sleeved pants in 5 parts, oversized long-sleeved shirt. Featured with floral embroidery detailing on the chest, the dress adds a playful bow tie at the sleeves. The hem of the skirt is decorate with tassels. Long one-shoulder dress with lace detailing and a crop top, shorts and a matching skirt. There is also a stylish bucket hat design as well.

DISAYA Out of Safari Collection

DISAYA Out of Safari Collection still stands out with craftsmanship. Touch of fabric And the choice of materials plays an important role in creating a form that gives confidence with every step. and can be worn both day and night In addition, a special technique is also used to bring openwork cotton fabric born from the ‘DISAYA’ logo and the frame of a hiking suit. Saskatchewan with a strong sense of humor by taking the details of the bag Including the insertion, swiping, and lacing inserted into the various positions of the suit, creating a perfect blend of the feminine yet playful safari frame.

This season’s colors offer a mix of soft tones that aren’t flashy. By choosing colors to match the fabric and harmonious shades, white, blue, green as the main tones, pastel yellows and shades of pink add vitality to the collection.

Find DISAYA – Out of Safari Collection at www.disaya.com. A brand new website that makes it easier for young women to explore the charms of South Africa’s safaris. And to celebrate the new website look special! When shopping at 15,000 baht or more, get an exclusive gift, a leopard scarf, valued at 3,250 baht (limited quantity). Follow fashion trends at Line official / Instagram @disayaofficial and DISAYA Boutique in every branch.