Camper collaborates with ADERERROR

First Camper with joining ADERERROR brand fashion Korean citizenship. to create works through shoes, apparel and jewelry Under the concept “The Lost Origin”. Which is a concept based on a group of archaeologists who trace the war in space. During the excavation of the artifacts found shoes with liquid stains and clothes. And jewelry that had been torn apart. After a long process. They were also successful in repairing the damage objects. 

Until the idea to create a collection. That is full of uniqueness and details to be reminiscent of the concept of bringing shoes old. And worn out costumes have been restore to a new look. In this collaboration was Coco Capitán. Famous Spanish photographer and artist. Let’s help create a concept campaign in the ADERERROR collection inspired by space exploration to find suitable planets to settle if our planet was without this natural resource.

Design to make each style

For the shoes in this collection are design to make each style stand out and get a different look. Including unique innovations such as UV. Which is use in the outsole and in other materials, can be customize to cover every style. For a unique look and effective traction on the sole.

This collection has 3 styles of shoes that are classic. and a sporty, vintage vibe Inspired by the iconic Peu camper. This shoe has a wide, quirky shape with a raised heel. Combined with XL (ExtraLight®) technology produced with quality materials, the shoe is lightweight. able to move freely and agilely.

Accessories collection

In the apparel and accessories collection It is the introduction of oversized streetwear and military-style bags. (Military-inspired) that can be use every day is back. It also brings colors, prints and burning techniques to design on products. To combine the identity of the CAMPER with the design of details and the imperfect concept of ADER’s style.