7 “Fashion Trends 2021”, for women

It has officially entered the year 2021. This year, fashion trends have items. Or something new What to follow MIRROR has gathered and updated it here. Come try to choose these items to mix and match to brighten up. Add fun to life Make yourself a more stylish woman this year.

1. Blazer Oversize

Just wear only one blazer. You will immediately get a look that looks cool and stylish. We always tell you like this, but in trends 2021 a simple blazer isn’t enough. Because this year must be oversized Or the shoulders set up, loose shape, like a father’s thief Or your girlfriend came to wear To look chic and trendy Easy to match and stylish, should you have that right?

2. Pastel tones

Another trend that is still dominating the hearts of women this year is pastel tones, whether it is cool mint green. Baby blue blue Or a soft lavender color Try to find a mix and match to brighten up your life. Even though it’s a soft tone, it’s definitely a secret.

3. Head scarf

This trend has come back to create a chic look for fashion women. Like us again Which in addition to adding a distinctive touch to your outfit without fanfare The headscarf can also protect your hair from dust. Even if you rarely wash your hair as well. This item is considered to be a very good style wizard. You may choose a basic color to make it easier to dress. Or use it as a print, such as floral or fresh colors, the dress will be more fun.

4. Yellow bag

Pantone of the trends year 2021 has been announced. There are 2 colors for this year: Ultimate Gray and Yellow Illuminating (gray and yellow), so it is no wonder that this year the yellow bag will become another popular item. Whether it is a small clutch To add color to the outfit Or if you can’t find a bright yellow bag, go for a big mustard color for your workday. Choose the right shade And the shape that you like, however, it works

5.Yellow and caramel brown

Besides the bag Another trend that is very interesting as well as other things, MIRROR gives it a mix and match dress with yellow and brown together. Because in addition to being a timeless color that can be worn indefinitely, pairing these two colors together gives a warm mood. And sleek It is a very hot and must-have match of the year.

6. Pop Blue accessories

While you dress simple, white, black or gray tones are all set. If you want to be stylish and stand out more than ever. Try adding blue accessories to your outfit. Be it a bag, a hat or high heels. Which is styled wherever you go, the spotlight shines on your body, of course

7. Black mask

Last item must be a black mask. Because when it comes to protecting yourself from the COVID-19 outbreak. A mask is an essential item that everyone cannot live without. Which black is a color that can be matched with every outfit and gives a feeling of cool, serious and more powerful than other colors. Can be both stylish and safe at the same time

Actually, our life is not difficult to find happiness. Just wake up and dress up chic I saw myself in the mirror as beautiful. Just like this, smile wide and ready to work or deliver good things. For those around me New year New me