7 “Bag Trend 2021” which designs are popular

Open a new era We also need to update fashion trends a bit, right? Even if we have to face the COVID-19 situation But the matter of style is still something that has been talked about almost every day. And after MIRROR has compiled “Fashion Trends 2021” for Lady MIRROR to get to know each other. Today we will update. “Bag Trend 2021” for fashion lovers (fashion) to continue to know Let’s have a look at what designs will be available this year, which are stylish, pleasing and suitable for everyone’s style.

Vintage style shoulder

Continuing the same popularity in the mid-2020s for a vintage shoulder bag trend. Whether it is a classic Louis Vuitton Pochette logo print or a simple brand like Prada, who doesn’t have it yet? 

Soft clutch bag

Many celebs always keep their soft clutches on their sides. Can be seen from the street style of past seasons Therefore, it is not strange that this year, it is still gaining in popularity as always. Because in addition to having to go to a party Or have dinner Modern and simple, it can also be paired with a daytime outfit.

File bag

The fashion strap bag is similar to this thin paper folder, of course it can hold paper and important documents. But not quite enough, even a thick pile of it. But for the sake of elegance, the remaining money will try to buy it as jewelry Hold it in style, it doesn’t matter.

Imitation fur bag

Simple leather bag Maybe not the only answer anymore for this year. Because the work is decorated with soft fur It’s coming strong, giving you a sweet and cute look. Matches with a cool outfit Creates a very cool contrast

Tassel or fringe bag

Back as a popular trend again for bags decorated with tassel or Fringe. Any girl who likes to dress simple. Try to find a gimmick to make the dress look more colorful. Because besides being chic, it is also very trendy as well. 

Mini bag

The small bag trend has been strong since 2019, although not very useful. But while it is a chic accessory to hang around the neck and adorn the arm In the era of COVID-19 Small bags are still growing in popularity as many people say they can put hand sanitizer anywhere.

Water bottle bag

More health lovers Water bottle bag is another popular item this year that girls. The fashion cable must be carried on the go. Tell me that in addition to being chic and trendy You can also save the world by reducing the use of plastic water bottles. The designs also have neck lanyards, belts and bag attachments. Whoever is comfortable with? Then try to look and buy together