What is the history of the “Coach” brand

COACH ” has expanded considerably and continues to maintain the highest standards for materials and workmanship. The work of excellent continues to be vigilant, promoting quality and integrity.  The company believes the importance of the COACH brand is the uniqueness of our original American attitude and the convex design of fine leather. And custom fabrics with superior quality and durability than other manufacturers. And our commitment to customer service.

In the 1960s, Cahn had taken the distinctive qualities of the leather used to make baseball gloves. With wear and abrasion, the leather in the glove becomes soft and supple according to this pattern. Cahn devised a method of making leather that would make it strong, soft, flexible and deep fitting in color.

1961 Gail Leather Products , Inc. was founded in the early 1960s.Cahn hired Bonnie Cashin to work for “COACH.” Cashin was a well-known fashion designer before joining “COACH” proving that Bonnie Cashin was a good business alliances. Cashin worked for “COACH.” 1962 until 1974 She has
revolutionized the design of their products. She founded the side pockets, coin purse and bright colors. (As opposed to the usual color of brown) Cashin has designed a wide variety of products including shoes, pens, and glasses, and added clothing and accessories. Making the symbol that became the LOGO of the brand “COACH”

Now, Coach brand has more than 900 branches worldwide, managed by the team and is the leader in the luxury handbag market. The Online Store also operates in 20 countries around the world (almost 7 million likes on Facebook). It might seem like the first designer item that people will charge for because of its affordable ‘Accessible Luxury’ style. But we believe Anyway, people would like the second, third, fourth items to belong to this brand as well.