Look at the beloved lady bag, “Coach”

Which girls are looking for a new bag? You have to hurry. Today we bring to know the famous brand bag “Coach” believes that no one does not know for sure. Because this brand of bags is elegant and looks good in itself, a lot of storage. Extremely durable to use and most importantly, the price is also affordable. No wonder why women like to use it, we recommends 10 popular models worth investing in. And cost-effective to use Which model is suitable for whom? Ready, let’s see

Coach Tote in Signature

Any woman looking for a big bag to carry to work, Coach Tote in Signature , Tote bag, Shoulder bag, Canvas leather, large capacity, suitable for girls who need to carry a lot of things. Matches with any outfit to give it an elegant and simple look. There are 3 sizes to choose from, the smallest size is 14 inches, the medium size is 16 inches, and the large model has no zipper, the size is 18 inches, there are many colors to choose from, I say that it is beautiful to use. Already 

Coach Signature Mini Bennett Satchel

Another popular model, the Coach Signature Mini Bennett Satchel   . Pillow bag Can be used in 2 ways: a crossbody or a chic carrying. This is small size, but can put a lot of stuff because this model is very portable The right size Able to carry all occasions, can be used at any age, most importantly, matches with any outfit will survive, it is a must have

Coach Signature Mini Surrey Carry All

For any girl who wants a bag that gives a slightly more grown-up look, Coach Signature Mini Surrey Carry is another good answer. This bag is similar to the famous brand like Prada. Inside the bag has 3 large compartments. The contents of the bag can be organized in a very neat and tidy manner. Use it as an armband for an important event, it is luxurious and looks great. Any girl looking for a new formal bag. Gives a more mature look But still remains the luxury This model is another good option. 

Coach Signature Sage

Followed by Coach Signature Sage bucket bag There are 2 sizes to choose from, if you want to put a lot of things, large 12.5 inches, but if anyone likes a small, compact, easy to carry, small 10 inches is super cute, choose the size according to your convenience. The shoulder strap of this model is half of the leather strap. The other half is a chain Make it look luxurious But the shoulder does not hurt Can be used in 2 ways, ladies can carry it, can hold it, it is chic, designed to divide things well. Making it easy to reach things It can be matched with any outfit. Easy to match.

Coach Signature Kelsey Satchel

Another popular model that many girls love using the Coach Signature Kelsey Satchel or what many people call the fan. Available in both large and mini sizes. Choose according to your convenience. There is a strap for the crossbody or anyone who wants to hold the armband. Really large capacity, any woman who has to carry a lot of things This model is also a good choice, so it’s very easy to use.  

Coach Signature Leather Dinky Crossbody with Leather Strap

Any woman looking for a Coach bag that has the ultimate luxury, must this model Coach Signature Leather Dinky Crossbody with Leather Strap compact. Carry only the necessary items Tell me, this one is very good. Any girl who likes the red color, it gives you a sour and spicy girl look, while the black color has a cool feeling. But still luxury Even though Khun Aum still needs to use it, ladies see, small like this, can fit a lot There is a crossbody strap that can be worn with any outfit. Any event is guaranteed to happen!  

Coach Top Handle Pouch in Signature

Another model that is compact here. Girls Coach Top Handle Pouch in Signature or known as A posh bag that is suitable for women who want flexibility. Easy to carry around But can easily put the necessary things Can be carried like a crossbody or if anyone does not want to carry like this, you can remove the strap. There are ears for you to hang on your arms or over your shoulders. When it comes to important events, it looks good, luxurious, and is super convenient for everyday use 

Coach Belt Bag

Pamper the cool girl, Coach Belt Bag, popular shoulder bag. That can’t be had, good size, can put important things and have a lot of other things, can be used like unisex, it is cool to wear alone Wear it with your boyfriend to make your partner look like a double. Say it is easy to use, portable and easy to carry anywhere. Any match with any look can become a cool girl. There must be a lot of it.

Coach Charlie Backpack

Any woman looking for a backpack like this model is the Coach Charlie Backpack. It  is a very cute thing. I have a lot of backpack sizes to choose from. But the recommended size is suitable for young girls like us Must be mini size The size is just right, it looks small like this, can put a lot of stuff. Can still put a water bottle Can carry around for traveling abroad comfortably Tell me that this model is very popular, suitable for women who want to carry a lot of stuff. And need flexibility Match with the outfit, go on a trip and look cute. It’s so small 

Coach Small Wristlet 

Another popular model, the Coach Small Wristlet, where at rest, you have to see women use this bag to hang their arms out to have lunch. Tell me that the place hits like this Because it is convenient to use, easy to carry, can put money or a small phone I can tell that only one card can fit all important things. It also makes the girls look good, simple but still elegant. There must be another item, sis.