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BOTTEGA VENETA presents 2 iconic bags

BOTTEGA VENETA presents 2 iconic bags

BOTTEGA VENETA presents “THE MOUNT BERMUDA” and “THE MOUNT ENVELOPE “, two iconic bags from the WARDROBE 02 collection. The Mount bag combines familiar design. It uses a thick chain with sleek and detailed details. It is the uniqueness of the bags in this collection. The Mount Bermuda bag   Stands out for its design and combination of materials. An interesting

A fabulous collection of Gucci x Balenciaga

A fabulous collection of Gucci x Balenciaga

 The fashion line is prepare to hold the wallet tightly. Because of the collaboration of two major brands, Gucci x Balenciaga, which is launch in the GucciAria fashion show collection yesterday (April 15). They said that it made followers of the Gucci brand  and  Balenciaga’s bags are definitely shaking! In the GucciAria collection, the Gucci

Plastic bags from "Yohji Yamamoto"

Plastic bags from “Yohji Yamamoto”

Yamamoto brand, lately, we may see a fashion item with a familiar face. But the price is not familiar to all The latest is Balenciaga’s accessories, including necklaces, hand-crafted beads, dice-shaped letterheads. And various cute shapes, including heart and star, come in a necklace Like we used to do

"Brand Names" That Are Worth Your investing

“Brand Names” That Are Worth Your investing

Brand names worth investing in Must be both famous brands. And it’s a very popular version with both users and collectors. The price will continue to go up. Including having to know and consider the selection of each. It is kind of goods well separated into product categories with examples

TOP 10 "CHANEL" bags that are popular of all time

TOP 10 “CHANEL” bags that are popular of all time

“CHANEL” bag that has always remained a classic. With meticulous design and preparation. In addition to investing in a good bag, there must be a little thoughtful selection. Today we has listed the top 10 most popular Chanel bags. To guide you in making investment decisions, what is the most

Popular "GUCCI bags" That resonates with women

Popular “GUCCI bags” That resonates with women

Popular popular GUCCI bags That hits the hearts of women all over the world Many of you may know the GUCCI bag as a representative of elegance and glamor, which has made it loved and sought after by many women around the world in the Italian

"Hermes history" spans over 170

“Hermes history” spans over 170

Hermès Hermes is a brand that attaches to the family business. Focus on being a craft (Craffmanship) and quality over size. Adhere to techniques inherited from ancestors. Maintaining the production process, pay attention to the quality of production.  And the existence of the next generation is

10 "luxury bags" of the most popular of 2021

10 “luxury bags” of the most popular of 2021

Luxury bags, every year it is always designing new bags to attract our. And which brand will be the most popular in 2021? Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau Bag Louis Vuitton’s Mini Hat Box is quite popular with influencers all over the world. With a compact