TOP 10 “CHANEL” bags that are popular of all time

“CHANEL” bag that has always remained a classic. With meticulous design and preparation. In addition to investing in a good bag, there must be a little thoughtful selection. Today we has listed the top 10 most popular Chanel bags. To guide you in making investment decisions, what is the most worthwhile for you.

10. Oversized CC Jumbo Shopper

An oversized, classic and iconic Chanel  bag. We often see this bag appear next to the body of famous celebrities. Until I can’t help wondering what they carry a lot!

9. Large Shopping Tote

A large Shopping Tote  that is perfect for carrying your luggage on a luxurious trip. Features a signature leather chain.

8. Boy bag

A modern bag that breaks away from the classic Chanel frame and is now on trend. Because there are many sizes to choose from Including suitable for various styles of dressing 

7. Medallion Tote

Another classic model that comes with a giant crossover logo. Big on leather lined with diamonds, suitable for girls  who want to tell the world that I, the real Chanel follower,  just hold the medallion under his arm.

6. Hobo bag

A chic bag from the collection Spring / Summer 2013  with a modern design and outstanding colors. Suitable for use from morning until sunset. 

5. Large Kelly

A large handbag transformed from Chanel 2.55  that has been adjusted for a more formal and smart look.

4. Camera Bag

Boxy bag that is versatile The front pocket is a distinct highlight. But still striking and elegant with a quilt pattern  and a leather chain.

 3. Large Tote

A giant tote bag that can be transformed into a shoulder bag   with a long strap.

2. Wallet on Chain Bag

A small wallet with a long chain. It is another must-have item for any Chanel woman,  because not only is it super convenient to use and  is perfect for the day out. That does not have to carry a large bag to be a burden.

1. Chanel 2.55

If anyone does not know this bag Show that you are not a fan of  Chanel. With its classic and long history,  Chanel 2.55 has been a huge hit in the 60 years  since its release. Also today the price is still soaring. More than gold Buy this and keep ufabet Certifying that there is no loss.