Plastic bags from “Yohji Yamamoto”

Yamamoto brand, lately, we may see a fashion item with a familiar face. But the price is not familiar to all The latest is Balenciaga’s accessories, including necklaces, hand-crafted beads, dice-shaped letterheads. And various cute shapes, including heart and star, come in a necklace Like we used to do in elementary school But comes at a price of ten thousand Or a Bottega Veneta necklace that looks like a landline. And, of course, comes at a price of tens of thousands as well

Another item that is being discussed at this time is PVC plastic bags from Yohji Yamamoto brand. Which looks very familiar from their looks like plastic bags from the 7-Eleven store in our house. (Before giving up the bag) made of 100% PVC plastic, the price is about 4,552 baht.

Many people may be puzzled that plastic bags are the main price of thousands of people who are going to buy. But back in 2018, it still remains to be remembered that the world-class luxury brand CELINE (which now has its own brand ambassador is Lisa Black Pink) used to make clear plastic bags. Sell ​​as well And the price is not least 590 US dollars or about 17,000 baht. He actually bought it and carried it together.

What about Yohji Yamamoto’s plastic bags, Seven Hey, do you think you will buy them?