“Brand Names” That Are Worth Your investing

Brand names worth investing in Must be both famous brands. And it’s a very popular version with both users and collectors. The price will continue to go up. Including having to know and consider the selection of each. It is kind of goods well separated into product categories with examples as follows:


Popular brands it must be a popular model to be good Especially. It made from genuine leather or leather that durable to use is even better. Two of the most popular collectors’ brands and models of bags with price increases are the Hermes Birkin Bag.

Known for its price and quality of extremely durable leather, Hermes’ specialty is limited production per lot. Especially some rare leather models, this Birkin bag has a rectangular shape, large storage capacity and a compact arm strap. And durable

Selling prices in the shop range from 600,000 baht to 5,000,000 baht. While the forward price is 14.5% higher than the original price per year. Birkin Bag has been recognized around the world as It has the highest value of all time. The most expensive model is now priced at 15 million baht. And if anyone wants to own it, it will have to wait a little. Because there are queues waiting for the production process for years. And the number of cards currently circulating in the bag market is set to maintain customer demand.

2. Watch

Investing in a watch must have a clear direction. Good enough research Have the ability to weigh between personal preferences with current and future market demands. 

Second hand and antique watches Considered a profitable source But must be the right house And reasonable price too 

Watches, like a car, typically decrease over time. As soon as the new watches leave the store The price will drop approximately 30-60% of the purchase price.

The differences of collectors, traders and investors

“Collector” knows the history of the watch that is interested in depth. May give less importance to the selling price But focusing on valuable and / or rare items

“Investor” knows the history of the watch in moderation. Purchased and will collect well by buying things that people think are worth and looking for opportunities to sell.

“Merchants” know many brands and almost all popular models, know market prices, focus on resale prices as the main concern. Not buying new things and having a low adherence to assets because it is a career

Another thing that collectors need to know and be prepared for is that luxury watches are expensive to maintain. Especially Complication watches, which in some models, the maintenance fee is already a hundred thousand baht.

How to buy a second-hand watch should focus on these 6 points:
  1. The brand, complexity, condition and story of that watch
  2. The reliability of the seller, the quality and condition of the goods must be checked.
  3. Warranty boxes and documents are important.
  4. Watch auction (If you have experience)
  5. High priced watches Always buy from a known person or a reputable source.
  6. If buying online, be sure to check, read credible posts or comments. And when buying, must buy with the person

The longer you keep, the higher the price.

If considering investing in luxury watches for only 1 year, it may not be a good choice. Because from the statistics. The price will not increase much but after 5-10 years. It can be said that the return is worth investing in compared to investing in other assets.

Examples of popular brands and models

Patek Philippe Nautilus 

Besides preserving the brand’s original identity in terms of refinement. The Beauty of Watches and Mechanisms. In 1976, Patek Phillipe collaborate with legendary designer Gerald Genta to design “Nautilus”, a timepiece that has the original out-of-the-box design of Patek Philippe. Has been very popular until now.

Currently, it is forecast that Patek Philippe maintains production of approximately 40,000 watches per year, which is in contrast to the growing demand in the market every year.Patek Philippe is said to take at least 9 months to 2 years. In watch design This may be a testament to the refinement of the individual watch designs of Patek Philippe and thus it is very desirable in the market.

3. Camera

A camera that is suitable to accumulate as an investor should have characteristics that “The number of production is limited” and is characterized by “Vintage camera” that looks unique That no matter how long time has passed Turns out to be something that is only more valuable Until it becomes a collection that just sits in a showcase as if there is an art gallery at home


Brands that are Old-fashioned Both the look and the superior images are incredibly magical. Making Laika a charming brand in itself. Which the classic version would not pass the M Series family, which was known as German tanks Born just a few years after World War, the Leica M System is a legendary and classic version of Leica, which is the current M10, priced at 269,800 baht (Body only).

Leica is a brand recognized for its lens quality, appearance, reputation and sophistication by many photographers. Nowadays, people are becoming more and more interested in Leica that it has become a personal favorite. And it has become one of the most captivating home collection items that photography lovers must have in their showcase.

Brand Heritage and Product Craftsmanship. It is the heart of the success of “Leica” due to its legendary world-class classic camera that is hundreds of years old. That comes with product quality that offers high performance usage And the manufacturing process still adheres to Craftsman guidelines, with at least 1,000 parts in one camera, more than 500 of them from a maker.

Leica’s “lenses” are known for their high quality. And increasing price value throughout for example, some new lenses, the sale price is 35,000 baht, but only 3 years has passed, the price has risen to 135,000 baht.

Plus, Leica is a brand that doesn’t release new models all the time. Make buyers do not have to fear that the available cameras will “be outdated” as well as some models over time. Longer day, more price Or reduced not much Make people who buy it that it is worth the investing