A fabulous collection of Gucci x Balenciaga

 The fashion line is prepare to hold the wallet tightly. Because of the collaboration of two major brands, Gucci x Balenciaga, which is launch in the GucciAria fashion show collection yesterday (April 15). They said that it made followers of the Gucci brand  and  Balenciaga’s bags are definitely shaking!

In the GucciAria collection, the Gucci brand, created by Alessandro Michele. And the Balenciaga brand create by Demna Gvasalia (both of which are also part of Kering). They have ufabet team up to create the collection. This promotion is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Gucci brand. Which each item in this collection can tell you that the fashion line really cannot be missed because he has picked up the design and identity. Balenciaga’s collection is a perfect blend of Gucci.

As for the clothes and bags in the GucciAria collection, both logos are use together. For example, adding Gucci’s monogrammed clothing, adding a Balenciaga logo, brand font, and balenciaga bag design, combined with Gucci’s classic monogrammed pattern, is another collection history. Collections of the year that must sell well, definitely collapse!

 For this collection Gucci x Balenciaga, will it be sold in Thailand or not? Or when will it go on sale? Still have to wait and follow up But believe that if you enter Thailand when The followers of this brand definitely won’t miss out on sweeping it and keep it together.