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7 "Bag Trend 2021" which designs are popular

7 “Bag Trend 2021” which designs are popular

Open a new era We also need to update fashion trends a bit, right? Even if we have to face the COVID-19 situation But the matter of style is still something that has been talked about almost every day. And after MIRROR has compiled “Fashion Trends 2021” for Lady

Plastic bags from "Yohji Yamamoto"

Plastic bags from “Yohji Yamamoto”

Yamamoto brand, lately, we may see a fashion item with a familiar face. But the price is not familiar to all The latest is Balenciaga’s accessories, including necklaces, hand-crafted beads, dice-shaped letterheads. And various cute shapes, including heart and star, come in a necklace Like we used to do

"Auspicious shirt colors" "fortune" year 2021

“Auspicious shirt colors” “fortune” year 2021

“Auspicious shirt color” of the year 2021 has arrived. Any girl who is waiting to be saved? “Shirt color table“ auspicious in the mobile phone Or waiting to print the table to the closet or in front of the we after interviewing  “Ajarn Ethipyanet” or “Rada Phacharawichitmethee”, a color specialist for

"Organize 5 rooms in the house to look neat "

“Organize 5 rooms in the house to look neat “

House arrangement is another one that should be done after the beginning of the year. Because it means many changes More internally. It also makes it easier for us to find things as well. But the good address Will get up and organize the house without knowing what techniques in